July 11-September 4

The work of self-transformation is hard, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Join a group of likeminded leaders who understand that changing the world Starts With You.

Running July 11-September 4, this eight-week program will take you through the 7 attributes of trailblazing leaders while helping you work through DASH, our roadmapping tool that helps you define what is most important.

As a cohort, you and your fellow participants will work through each week of the program side by side, connected by our community forum as well as regular communications from Val and Elyse.

You will receive the accompanying  Start with You Toolkit, an experience box filled with 50 daily to-do cards; a hard copy of the The Trailblazers Guide; links to strengths assessmentsweekly podcastsrecommended readings, and energy management tools to help you navigate a new normal; and a brand new journal to capture aha moments and lessons learned.


Your Next Bold Move
change is within your power

Identify the strengths and practices that make you formidable
Remove distractions that are beyond your power
Anticipate and remove roadblocks with proven solutions

Creating a Path
roadmap to achieve the impossible

Align your goals with your strengths, passions, and priorities
Put critical steps towards significant change in writing; make them real
Create a self-actualizing dashboard that measures your success by your own ruler — not anyone else’s

Coach in your pocket
the guidance you crave

Complete self-assessments that are fun, relevant, and actionable
Transform your inner critic into an inner champion with support from seasoned advisors
Set up the daily practices that help achieve goals long after the eight weeks are done

COST: $1200


Still have questions? Need more info? Meet with us live on May 19!


May 19, 2021 12:00-1:00PM EDT

Join our hour-long session to receive a Start With You preview:

  • A game plan to help you define and achieve what matters most
  • Critical insight on overcoming distractions and roadblocks along the way
  • The mechanics of leaning into your most authentic self