Coaching is one of the most important investments in fearless leadership. That’s why Wendy is a main character on Billions and why almost every corporation has coaches on staff and on call. 

Who’s making this investment in you?

On average, a truly effective executive coach costs $500/hour
To engage one for a year can cost upward of $12,000
Great coaches can cost even more
But they can’t be effective unless you have done your own work

For only $1200 — a fraction of that cost — you can:

Get clear about who you are and the difference you want to make with Start With You, an 8-week self-guided, self-paced coaching course, that defines and builds core leadership strengths by giving you daily truths, dares, and tools. More on the course topics and schedule can be found on the course’s About page.

Dive into the accompanying  Start with You Toolkit, an experience box filled with 50 daily to-do cards; a hard copy of the The Trailblazers Guide; links to strengths assessmentsweekly podcastsrecommended readings, and energy management tools to help you navigate a new normal; and a brand new journal to capture aha moments and lessons learned.

Join The Trailblazers Community, a selfish space for selfless leaders like you, where you can learn from coaches and colleagues without judgement or justification. 

As a result of this program, leaders have emerged:

Unapologetic about who they are
Unflappable in the face of distractions
Unstoppable on the way to achieving the impossible

You can, too.